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Ludvig Cimbrelius



'I find intimacy to be a natural occurrence. Like water evaporating when the sun warms its surface, the experience of intimacy can be described as the secondary glow of a radiance too bright to experience directly – that of the unity which underlies all existence.

In essence, we are already beyond intimate with all things, dissolving in the perpetual light of one Sun.

In dreams, we may feel the glow of its rays.'

~ Ludvig Cimbrelius

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IntimacyLudvig Cimbrelius
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released July 19, 2019

Released by Past Inside the Present on July 19, 2019 —


All tracks written & produced by Ludvig Cimbrelius
Mastered at PITP Studio by zakè (扎克)
Cover photo by Anton Novikov, captured in 2011, city of Murmansk in the forest called "Valley of Comfort" with a Zenit ET camera
Design & layout by zakè (扎克)

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