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Still early in my musical explorations, I was listening to a lot of music that I later learned was labeled as IDM; melodic, emotional, glitchy tunes, often with experimental choppy beats. Naturally, whatever music I fell in love with also became an inspiration for my own creative endeavors. These tracks had a more childlike, innocent tone, sometimes with very wild beats, made from sounds I recorded myself; perhaps drumming on a table with my fingers, beat-boxing or cutting out pieces from just about any sound you can imagine and sequencing them into patterns using an archaic digital drum machine (‘BBox’). There are many similarities with early ‘Purl’ tracks here, but ‘Surr’ traveled in a more free and wilder direction, and when the first album was completed I felt it was to be released under a different moniker. ‘Surr’ is a word in Swedish describing the sound that bumblebees make as they are flying (perhaps you will also note a theme here revolving around the number four, a theme that has remained consistent throughout my life). Incidentally, there are four ‘Surr’ albums, all of them free to download. I don’t think I’ve made anything more pure and honest since. If I were to choose one album that for me represents the childlike essence of my music, it would be ‘Love Is’ by ‘Surr’.

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