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My name is Ludvig Cimbrelius. I have been in love with music for as long as I can remember and began creating my own at a young age. Music has helped me through dark times in life, as well as being a vessel for experiencing heights of joy and wonder.


I hope that my music can be a bridge for you to align with your own Inner Being — the peace and love that is the essence of Who You Are.

I released music under many names over the years; Purl being the first one, with many more to follow such as Eternell, Illuvia and Abraço de Vapor. I eventually also began releasing music under my given name, releases which you can find on different platforms via these  links. 

  • Bandcamp
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube

"A multifaceted artist, a meditative and insightful composer, Ludvig Cimbrelius started his recording career at a tender age in 1999. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, from Eurythmics and Björk to Photek and Squarepusher, his music is an extensive natural canvas, full of colours and sounds constantly adding deep, saturated hues into the monochrome silence. Although the term ‘cinematic music’ has been used ad nauseam, Ludvig’s cerebral approach to music is almost ‘Lynch-ian’, a unique juxtaposition of the ordinary with the avant-garde."

Continue reading the full article by Spyros Patatitzes blog 'God Is No Longer A DJ'

other voices about Ludvig's music

“Amazing musician, deep divine sounds from the heart.” — Genoveva K.

“Ludvig is one of the most insightful and thoughtful composers I know. His excursions into a wide range of sounds and instruments showcases his multifaceted talents in extraordinarily intimate ways. The variety of music genres illustrates his many talents, and his work is a constant presence in my painting studio.”—  Russell Stephenson

“Music from the heart and soul. It can transport me to everywhere. I just feel so lucky to know and fall in love with Ludvig’s music.

Infinite Beauty.” —  Siyuan

“Your music is a safe place in this world.” —  Meydän

“Ludvig channels the very essence of being into musical form. Pure perfection.” —  Barry McGuinness

“…just discovered your music and it’s been saving me every single day – WE ALL NEED YOUR CREATIVE IRREVERENT MUSICAL GENIUS!”

—  Veganvisir

the musical creations released under my given name

Love Letters From the Sky
Illuviation: dreamsketches
Love Letter (unopened)
Winds and the Wonder
Dreaming the Night Sky
Atmospheric Presence
In Dreams
Being Human (Piano Improvisations)
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