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Now we are entering the realm of deep ambient, often in the meditative sphere, though I personally feel that most of my work is too emotional to function as meditation music. Apparently many meditators disagree, since I currently have the largest number of plays via my Insight Timer profile where I share some of my musical works with a global community of fellow meditators (I meditate daily, but I prefer silence or natural ambient sounds to music).


I didn’t have a name for these expansive soundscapes when I released the first iteration of ‘Waking Music’ – a work consisting of 6 long-form ambient pieces that I created while traveling in India in 2009, and representing a rebirth both musically and spiritually. Having named my newly started Bandcamp page ‘Eternell’, I thought it would be a cool idea to leave this new ambient project nameless and mysterious. After some years I realized that the music had become associated with the name of the page and I decided to keep it as the moniker for my most ethereal sonic explorations. (A more expansive description of the history of ‘Eternell’ can be found in the notes to the compilation ‘Beneath an Endless Sky‘)

[“eternell” is a word that carries the meaning “evighetsblomma” in Swedish; translating to English as “eternity flower”]

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