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‘Purl’ is my first artist name. I began using it at the age of 15 as a tribute to the sounds of nature that helped me rediscover inner peace after some years of turmoil and sorrow. I spent endless hours alone in nature during this period of my life - it was deeply therapeutic for me to just be still and listen. I was often enchanted by the sound of small streams. In Swedish, we have the word ‘porla’ to describe this sound, and it felt natural for me to take on the English equivalent of this word for the music I began creating during this time, as in many ways it shared the flowing and playful qualities of the brook.

The essence of ‘Purl’ remains intertwined with the natural landscapes and dreamlike visions of my youth, yet it has also expanded in for me unexpected directions – such as exploring ideas of intergalactic ancestry. While the early albums were very bright in Spirit, some later one’s explored the darker side of the emotional spectrum, like the playful brook slowly turning into a wide, dark river; the music always being a mirror for my journey in life.

At the core, the intention behind my firstborn alias remains the same: to be an expression of the serenity and depth of our natural state.


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