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Being Human (Piano Improvisations)

Ludvig Cimbrelius


Being Human (Piano Improvisations)

I do not own a piano, but I have access to one. There I record ideas and improvisations, glimpses of the emotions that are flowing in the moment, with the hope of some day doing something "properly" with them. I realized recently that this day never comes. For the next time there are new emotions to express, a new river to follow. I therefore felt it was time to gather up some moments and release them in their original form. The recordings were made under various conditions over the past years and the recording quality differs. These are pages torn from my diary, sometimes of summer clouds stained by tears, sometimes full of wonder, sometimes crumpled up and then straightened out again.

Being human is not about attaining perfection. There is no such thing. Being human is about letting the radiant inner world shine forth in whatever way it chooses to express itself, manifest itself, find itself, here and now. It is about embracing the entirety of human emotion and daring to follow each winding river back to its source... and then remain there in silence, for a little while. Any emotion, when fully allowed to be felt for what it is, will always lead back to love (because that is what we truly are).

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Being Human (Piano Improvisations)Ludvig Cimbrelius
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released February 16, 2018

piano recordings by Ludvig Cimbrelius

cover photograph by Anton Novikov ∣ endlesstrains

Being Human (Piano Improvisations)
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