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Ancient Skies

by Ayaavaaki & Purl



Like any true journey, it stars with getting lost.

Lost beyond the hope of ever being found.

Drifting through space, alone.

One's form begins to disintegrate,

the contours of identity fading.

The distress call long since silenced,

no longer any ideas left of who could respond.

An infinite surprise; a sunrise.

In the midst of a dark void, a swirl of light.

With echoes of a song sung before life became life.

Memories from a world existing long before the world now known,

still lived now through the vortex of time.

And the song we sang before the first dawn

is heard again by the ones who journey on forever.



released February 23, 2023

Music, vision and realization by Alexander Lux (Ayaavaaki) and Ludvig Cimbrelius (Purl)

Audio mastering by Hollis Nolan (

° OI • ⅂I⅂


𝓕oundational to LILA लीला is the view that we are all in this adventure of eternal life together. As a reflection of this, a part of the income from music releases is forwarded to trusted organizations who are working on bringing better conditions of Life to all inhabitants of this beautiful Earth, our home in the Universe. When LILA लीला grows, all parts grow.


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Ancient Skies
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