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Illuviation: dreamsketches

Ludvig Cimbrelius


Illuviation: dreamsketches

This is a collection of songs and sketches from the past decade.
Aural photographs (some more developed than others), capturing glimpses of emotional realms traveled.

A while ago I wrote down these words to help me get out of perfectionism: "I don't want to be flawless, I just want to touch people."
I put those words on a note next to my bed.
I should read them more often.

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Illuviation: dreamsketchesLudvig Cimbrelius
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released November 13, 2018

Music and art by Ludvig Cimbrelius

Track 2 born out of a divinely inspired session with The Open Heart, in 2013 ( This is an instrumental edit of the original song, which was channeled by Helena, Al and Ludvig.

Flute on tracks 6, 8 and 10 played by Upė (thank you River *)

Illuviation: dreamsketches
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